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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by sgtdean, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. sgtdean

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    Hello everyone.  I'm Jason, and I'm new to smoking.  I just got a smoker the other day (early Christmas present) and although I haven't tried it yet, thanks to this site, I've already figured out what I am going to make first! 

    A little bit about me, I am a VERY busy person.  I hope I have time to use my new smoker.  I am an avid hunter and fisherman.  I have 2 daughters, one that loves to hunt, and one that is starting to show some interest.  I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT for 2 different departments.  I work full time, and travel throughout the state of Illinois working on fire equipment.  I am a Medic in the Illinois Army National Guard.  I attend college part time to be an HVAC-R technician.  I am also a board member of our local Isaac Walton Leauge chapter.  Like I said, I'm a little busy, but I always find time for new hobbies such as this!
  2. Welcome to SMF. I am a huge bears fans, the best thing about BBQ is cookin low and slow so please rush it. aaAnd good luck on the new smoker
  3. smokinal

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    Welcome to SMF Jason!

    What are you going to smoke first?
  4. ecto1

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    Welcome to SMF glad you can join us.  We are big on Pics and love to help everyone out.  Remember the only question that is dumb is one not asked.  You will not find a friendlier place to talk Que on the web.

    You are going to fit in just fine...
  5. chef jimmyj

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    Welcome to the SMF Family...Thank you for your service to the Community and this Country...You going to enjoy your new toy...JJ
  6. fpnmf

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    This site has tons of info.

    I suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

    Ask questions and use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!

    Take the awesome free E-Course!!!

    Have a great day!!!

          Make bacon the easy way!!

  7. venture

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    Welcome aboard, Jason!

    An old saying was that if you want a job done right and on time, assign it to a busy man.

    Good luck and good smoking
  8. roller

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    Welcome Jason thanks for joining us here at SMF and thanks for your comunity service and the service for our country...
  9. owlcreeksmoker4

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    Welcome to SMF! i recommend the free e-course to learn a lot of useful things. also remember to ask any questions you have, someone on here will be able to answer
  10. africanmeat

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  11. sgtdean

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    This Sunday I'm going to smoke a couple of the suffed fatties.  I plan to put them in on the way to my deer stand, and have my mom keep an eye on them while I sit for a couple hours to try to get my daughter her first buck, then we can come home to a great breakfast.  Does anyone have any good suggestions on what to stuff them with?
  12. raptor700

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    Hi Jason, glad to have you with us.

    You can put most anything you like in the fatties,

    for breakfast you might use scrambled eggs, cheese, etc.

  13. scarbelly

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  14. sqwib

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    Jason, you are busy... hopefully you'll find some time to add smoking to the list.


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