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  1. I have been reading the forums pages A LOT lately. I am glad I found a wealth of smoking/smoker knowledge! I just picked up a smoker the other day and have already done a few mods to it. I also have a huge (for me) project coming soon. I am really looking forward to sharing my smoking experiences with y'all!
  2. [​IMG]
    This is what I have now.
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  3. This was what I started with.
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  4. I could have some fun with that baby
  5. Hey Shane, welcome from a fellow East Texan, Welcome to the forum, great find, a little TLC some paint and it will look brand new. Looks pretty solid from the pictures, rusty which can be cleaned up. You may want to fire it up and do a trial run and see what kind of tweaks (if any ) it needs before painting. I like Texas cut outs on the doors. If you want to get creative you could do your CC gloss black and the cut outs in the Texas flag, just a thought. Congrats again, let us know and keep those post and pictures coming.

    Gary S
  6. I cooked with it once before I mounted it on the trailer. I also made some mods to the FB. It cooks much better now, but I still have a little more to do to it before the beautification process begins. I cooked 2 birds and 2 racks of ribs on it yesterday.
  7. Looks good, did you notice any leaks or big difference in temps ?

  8. The cook temp is surprisingly VERY consistent, but I am going to have to unspring the big door. I am pretty sure whoever welded the Texas plates on heat warped the door. All in time. I am going to completely rebuild the FB and finish the trailer with expanded metal. I will address the doors when it's back in the shop.

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