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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by mudinchev, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Been lurking arround for while doing some reading but thought I should sign up and say hi. I just graduated from the "big chief" to the Cook Shack. Nothing like baby steps right [​IMG]..... Anyway so far I have completely killed some salmon and made an OK roast but so far I have yet to impress my self. I am hoping for better results with jerky this time. But I do have a question, what is the best way to store jerky for long periods of time, my current method is vacume seal and freeze. Although my vacume sealer leaves a little to be desired, just like my old smoker I guess maybe I need to up grade there as well.
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    Welcome to the SMF .
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    Jerky looks good!As for storing it I vacume seal mine and freeze it as well.But it usually doesn't get that far, between my two sons and me,and giving some away to friends and family there is nothing left to store.[​IMG]
  5. Here are a couple of pics of the finished product, I will post another one if the meat does what I think it will after vacuum sealing and refridgerating, I am expecting it to get a glaze after that process. So far I have the kids, the neighbors kids, and moms aproval. But the best is yet to come after it cools and the moisture comes to the surface!
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    The jerky looks great and I'm really glad your happy too. Keep smokin.
  8. Thanks it was a good read, I am picking up little bits and pieces from every one here, I have another batch planned for next week end and there are a few things I will be doing different, although this batch was good, it can be even better. I think I will be trying a little lighter smoke, hickory and misquete mix was a bit too much, I like the twang of hickory but I think it will be a different mix probably cherry is my guess. Also I was cooking it instead of drying it for the first 4 hrs or so. Which I am thinking is contributing the the slight aftertaste that leaves you wanting another piece but not wanting to finish off the rest of the bag while no one looking. [​IMG] I like a little bit of sweet taste as well, this has a little bit but not enough, I will have to eat a few more pieces and see what my taste buds tell me to add to the mix next time.
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    I will be doing another test batch this week with venison and London broil.
    This test batch will be 4 parts
    I will keep you posted.
    If you're using a cure try rinsing, patting dry and brush with Worcestershire or honey for a glaze (shimmering look), If you do the honey I would probably wait a few hours into the smoke so it don't burn.
    Going to keep this batch at 120-130degrees.

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