New Guy and this will be my 1st Reverse Flow Smoker Build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by imafishingfred, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. We do our NON removable    Don't want that door accidentally coming off

  2. imafishingfred

    imafishingfred Smoke Blower

    Long weekend and made some progress on the smoker. Also picked up a boat trailer for a 19 footer cheap. Hope to use it for my

    smoker build. We'll see.

  3. imafishingfred

    imafishingfred Smoke Blower

    Been a while since my last update. Christmas and New Years out of the way and back at it. Just a few pics of my progress.

    Start of the RF plate and drain.

    Got the RF plates tacked in place.

    Started work on the slides for the racks. Notice I have yet to hard weld the RF plates. I decided it may be best and possibly help avoid warp-age if I got weld the slides in first. We'll see how that works out.

    Got my racks framed up and my expanded metal cut. Rainy weather here is keeping me from finishing the racks.

    Thinking of getting started on my trailer before I cut the hole and install my chimney pipe, that way I still have the two pickup points attached.
  4. smokejumper

    smokejumper Smoking Fanatic

    I like the way you think.
  5. doug kiser

    doug kiser Fire Starter

    Nice work !!!
  6. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    Nice build.

    I may have to start thinking about building a reverse flow 250 gallon soon :)
  7. imafishingfred

    imafishingfred Smoke Blower

    Little more work done this weekend. Managed to get my racks completed.

    Time to start on the boat trailer mods.
  8. imafishingfred

    imafishingfred Smoke Blower

    Well after taking a good hard look at the trailer I purchased I've come to the conclusion that its way way too big. The frame width (spring center to spring center) is 67". If I put the smoker in the center to maintain the CG, I would not be able to reach the smoker standing on the ground to the side. I'm rethinking it for now and figure I need a 48" spring center axle.

    So I'm back to the smoker and thinking about the exhaust stack. I have a few questions. Which is preferred, stack going straight down into tank top or building a plenum of sorts and putting the stack off to the end of the tank? How about dampers? Is there any reason (is it necessary) to add any type of dampers to the top of the stack or incorporate one into a plenum?
  9. smokejumper

    smokejumper Smoking Fanatic

    It is totally personal preference whether to use a plenum or put the stack through the top.
    Usually a plenum is used if it makes room for a wider door or more rack space, etc.
    The only damper you should have is at the top of the stack to keep the rain and debris out when the smoker is not in use. When smoking it should be wide open at all times.
  10. smokejumper

    smokejumper Smoking Fanatic

    As for the trailer, it is OK ( even common) for the smoker to be offset to one side. The trailer will still be stabile. Consider putting a wood storage box or other accessories next to the smoker.
  11. saleen9973

    saleen9973 Newbie

    Wow looks great you have some great skills. I wonder how heavy it will be when done? how ya gonna get it on to the trailer when done?
  12. imafishingfred

    imafishingfred Smoke Blower

    After going back and forth on the option of using the boat trailer I had purchased or building a smaller trailer, I purchased 3 sticks of 11ga x 2 x 3 tubing and started my frame. I got a pretty good start on it yesterday.

  13. imafishingfred

    imafishingfred Smoke Blower

    Quick questions Dave, is the 43.61 stack length above the smoker or does it include the amount I drop down into the smoker? Also, whats a good depth in from the top or height above top rack to end stack? I intend to cut an angle on the section inside the CC.
  14. Not Dave, but yes above the smoker.    One thought, you have spent a lot of time and money and as far as I can see have a great looking smoker. You said you already had the 6" But.....

    think about going with 8", if you don't want as long a stack, you are looking at almost a 4 foot long stack an 8" would be 25,28 "  think about what look you want, if you are OK with the long stack go for it. Get someone to hold your stack at both lengths step back and see what you think.  Both will work

  15. imafishingfred

    imafishingfred Smoke Blower

    So I set the 6" ID stack in place and yes it looks too tall to me. 

    I have acquired a piece of pipe that is 8.625 ID and 9.125 OD and run the numbers per the calculator here on SMF and come up with 21.10". I think I like the shorter stack better, but maybe not that short. I figure a little longer can't hurt but that's a big a$$ hole in the top and on the end cap at that.

    So what would be the worst case scenario if I went back to my original #'s on post 23, or maybe halfway between the #'s in post 29?
  16. smokejumper

    smokejumper Smoking Fanatic

    Well, don't get wrapped around the axle on the stack; a 6"ID stack at 36" will be fine.
    The worst case scenario is wanting to change the stack later for the possibility of more even temps in the CC.
    Bear in mind that is only a possibility. A larger ID stack does not guarantee more even temps.

    As worst case scenarios go, that is a minor one; changing the stack is one of the easiest mods you can do on a smoker.
  17. aussiq

    aussiq Smoke Blower

    Hey imafishingfred. Nice looking smoker. Just wondering if your drain hole in your rf plate is big enough? Ive never smoked before but id imagine with the big volume of cook space you could have quite a bit of drippings. If its just oils probably be fine but maybe bits of meat might block it up? I was thinking about having 1 inch pipe and going straight down through the cc on my build.
  18. dstiltz

    dstiltz Fire Starter

    Good looking build . I am planning my next build and was going to build on a trailer. Is 11ga steel a good size tubing for trailer frame? Mine won't be as heavy my tank is 150 gal.
  19. imafishingfred

    imafishingfred Smoke Blower

    That's what my frame is made of, 1/8 (11ga) x 2 x 3 tube.
  20. dstiltz

    dstiltz Fire Starter

    Is there any good information on trailer building and placement of smoker on trailer on the forum I looked a little hadn't found it?

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