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  1. I just got my GOSM today. It is assembled and ready for seasoning. I will be doing that tomorrow evening. I am pretty excited about doing my first smoke in it. Any tips or hints on propane smokers would be appreciated. Also, does anyone know anything about converting to natural gas? Is it as easy as buying the conversion kit and getting gas lines ran? Anyways I post some pics of the new smoker. Enjoy![​IMG]
  2. k5yac

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    There it is! Cool stuff man!

    Ribs at your place on Saturday? Ha!
  3. pineywoods

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    A couple things I can think of do not trust the factory thermometer at least until you verify it with another thermo. Also leave the top vent open while smoking
  4. Ya, the thermo looked pretty weak, but I like the design of it. I am going to install one on the side in between the 1st and 2nd racks and probably put another one on either the top or top-side (same side as the lower one) of the smoker and just dis-regard the factory one.

    K5YAC, the ribs are going in on Sunday! Just load up that kegerator and grab some KFC slaw on the way and we'll be all set.
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    A couple of things about ribs...

    First... buy Jeff's rib rub recipe. It is dynamite! Heck, buy both recipies... that sauce you love so much is his recipe too. LOL!

    Second... watch these clips (several times) to learn how to prep St. louis style ribs. It pays to do them right.

    Also, smoke the skirt and ribletts and keep them for seasoning beans or just for snacks. Remember those awesome beans I made for the OU/TX game last year? Oh yeah, you know the ones... do a search for Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans and you'll know my secret. The big hunks of meat were ribletts and skirt saved from a rib smoke.
  6. old poi dog

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    You may want to consider a wireless meat thermometer with two probes: one to monitor the temperature at the grate level, and one to monitor the internal temp of the brisket, pastrami, pork butt, yardbird, bacon, sausage etc..that you'll most likely be doing after you dial in the ribs.. [​IMG]
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    i have a gosm and the thermoter from the factory is right on the money, checked it with my et73 so you might be good to go with it. i really like mine and use it when i don't want to fool around with my stick burner
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    as others have said dont trust the factory temp gauge. mine is about 50 degrees off.

    Also, I got rid of the small cast iron chip box, and replaced it with a large cast iron pan for lump, and wood chunks, smoke lasts alot longer, and decreased the ammount of times I had to open up the smoker, and fill the chip box.
  9. I have an old cast iron skillet I could use. I have also heard of putting a coffee can for the wood. One thing I am a little concerned about is opening the door and loosing all my smoke and heat. What have you guys come up with to be the best solution to retain your smoke and heat when adding more wood?
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    The best solution is to get a real wood smoker and load'er down with you favorite wood and lots of goodies. After that, drink several beers and await your reward.

    Or, you can keep making pencil shavings for your "wood" dish.

    LOL! JK man... [​IMG]
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    Wow... That is not very nice... I think an apology is in order!
  12. That's ok...I will go rip a big one in his office later! :)
  13. bigtrain74

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    HAHA I like how you think!
  14. mballi3011

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    Congrats on the new GOSM they are very good smokers and it will give you years of smoking pleasure for sure. I know I have been smoking on mine for years. so Happy smoking.
  15. k5yac

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    No apology will be given... I'm just giving ABOMB a hard time.

    We always talk a bunch of trash... golfing, paintball, shooting sports, BBQ, whatever. As for dropping a big one in my office... he runs crop dusting missions all the time, so that's nothing new. All the more reason to give him crap. [​IMG]
  16. Guilty as charged of the crop dusting.

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