New full cooking trailer build with a 500 gal tank

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by cooltex24, May 25, 2014.

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    So after watching everybody else post their builds, I figure I would post mine. This is the second one I have built this size, the first one was a stationary one for my dad's Father's Day gift a few years ago.

    This one kind of fell in my lap, a free propane tank, a $300 trailer complete with brake axles, and sheet steel at the scrap yard (3/8" full sheet for $80!!!!).

    Have the smoker built and mounted with 4"x4" square tubing from a local metal building contractor's scrap pile. Still have to figure out the latch on the fire box door. Have another cedar post ready for the handle.

    I put two racks in it, both slide out and both remove easily for cleaning.

    Still working on getting the pipe to replace the propane lines on the trailer, it was an old RV. When I am done it will have a bunch of places to put burners on it.

    Hope y'all like it, I will put more pics when it is not raining cats and dogs here.


  2. cooltex24

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    Here are some more

  3. Holy cow! That tank in the back ground looks like a small submarine! Can we assume it will occupy some real estate on this large trailer?
  4. cooltex24

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    Haha. That one is planned for a stationary smoker at a friends bbq kitchen. He has another one with doors cut that has been waiting for him to finish for a while now.

    I do want to put a warmer cabinet so we here on the trailer but can't figure out how to pul it off yet. Thought about doing a propane warmer.


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