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  1. My girlfriend and her son "got me" a smoker for Father's Day. She took me to Lowe's to buy one and I was shocked. Then I told her that I didn't know if I wanted propane or charcoal. After a little research I think I'm going with propane. It's my first smoker and have absolutely no experience with it. We have a Weber gas grill, and really wanted to go with the WSM, but want to learn first before I dive into that.

    I'm thinking about picking up a smoker at BassPro this weekend, and this is the one I was thinking about getting...

    Please share your thoughts. I have also signed up for the free eCourse!


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    :welcome1: to SMF.
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  4. Hi Dan [​IMG]  to SMF!
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    Hello Dan and [​IMG]to SMF - glad you joined us 

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