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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by jalan43, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Hey everyone! I'm new to smoking at home. My brother has a big smoke house at his home in PA. My father lives here in DE. with me. Dad use to own a few grocery stores in PA. and got the itch to do some smoking here at home. He likes to make kielbasa on the holidays and told me to come up with something electric because he didn't want to have to baby a charcoal smoker. I decided that a UDS was his answer. Putting it together was pretty simple, but I was hung up on the smoke. I decided to build a cold smoker to solve the problem. The thing works great! I get a solid 4 hours on one fill and can refill from the top if I want a longer smoke. Here are a few pics![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    The UDS looks real good!

    Would you be willing to share that kielbasa recipe.

    I haven't found one that I really like.
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    As soon as I get a chance I will send it to you!
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    I got the PID today and it ran for half an hour and quit. Company is going to send another. I still smoked some store bought sausage. Peach and cherry wood! What a great taste!

    Going to smoke split chicken breat Sat. Can't wait!
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    What element did you use?  Do you have a parts list for how you built the smoke tube, etc?
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    I will post a full breakdown on parts tonigt after I get te jerky started in the smoker!
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    Here is the part list for cold smoker on my UDS.

    I bought my element at Cabelas.

    I went to Lowes to get all the parts I needed. I had to buy a 7 foot length of 2 5/8 Chainlink fenceing post. I used the steel heavier one that is not galvenized. I made the first one 14 inches long, but have shortened the one I'm using now down to 12 inches. You also need 2 post caps for this pipe. I am going to order a 3 1/2 in pipe and 2 caps. I think this smoker will run easier if it is wider.I will also be able to use chips and chunks in the larger pipe. This one works great but you have to tend it.

    1- 3/4 hole drill bit - you need this to drill hole in post and barrel

    3- 3/4 inch outlet nuts (copper if you can get them, if not steel works fine) from the electrical department. You need to thread one nut all the way on 3/4x8 inch pipe. This one goes into the barrel and stops the pipe from going all the way through the hole. On the other end, thread one nut on half way, put the pipe into cold smoker and tread the other nut on from the inside of 2 5/8 pipe. Remember not to drill the 3/4 hole more than 3 1/2 inches from the bottom or youe won't be able to reach the nut.

    1- 3/4 x 8 inch double threaded Propane pipe from the plumping section- should be black pipe if it's the right one

    1- fitting for the fish pump hose to connect to ( I forget what size it was) You can't put the fish pump hose on the cold smoker because it will melt. Get a coupler and join some black fuel line hose to it. The pump blows the air through the 3/4 x 8 inch pipe and into barrel.

    1- adjustable fish pump- I got one with two outputs on it. I used a coupler to make both outputs into one.I think I am going to separate them and put an air fitting on the bottom cap. This will blow air on the smoldering sawdust and make lighting and running more easy. I bought this at the pet store.

    1- steel screen I used masonary screen from the concrete section. The smallest piece you can buy is 2 feet by 8 feet. See if you can find someting smaller. I cut the screen to fit inside under the 3/4 inch and air fitting. This lets the ash fall through and holds the sawdust inside the pipe. I drilled a hole straight through the pipe and inserted an allen wrench into hole, this keeps the screen from falling into the ash.

    I made a bracket from fence post pieces. The top bracket is for pulling chainlink tight. My unit is removable in case it goes out. See photos!

    I only use sawdust in mine. No chips until I get the bigger pipe. I also mix in some crushed up hardwood charcoal with sawdust to keep it burning. I light the unit from the bottom using a propane torch. Once it starts smoking pretty well I put the caps on. Make sure your sawdust is really dry. I dry mine in the UDS for two hours at 100 degrees.If you don't see any smoke leaking out of the bottom cap, tap the bottom side of pipe, your sawdust is not falling. I tap mine once in a while.

    I'm still tweaking this unit so if you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me! Some time this week I will post photos of my UDS and cold smoker, I am Smoking deer jerky right now. Good luck!
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    Old School BBQ, what would you like to see photos of?
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    Jalan, morning.... We love pictures... smokers, smoke generators, smokers in use... meat on the grill... meat on the dinner plate.... meat in the grinder...

    Pictures make it easier for us old folks to comprehend what is happening... Dave
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    Yes, galvanized is bad! You have to use stainless steel or aluminum.

    I will have to argue that a charcoal smoker needs baby sitting, My UDS will run 18 hours unattended once I get the temp where I want it.

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