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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nctim, May 23, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    So I tried the new EBC this past weekend. Leaks like a sieve but I expected that. I found the temp to be pretty easy to control, a lot easier than a WSM. My WSM would spike fairly easily if I didn't watch it. I think I'm going to have to get a new probe for actual air temp as I held a steady indicated 250° for 6+ hours and the meat (a 3.5lb chuck and a 5lb pork butt) got stuck at 135° for an hour. I thought that was too long at not a safe temp. Should have been at least 150° by then. I ran the temp up to 300° for 2 more hours and wrapped them at 165°. They then went to 205° in 45 minutes.

    I used the cookie tray baffle trick and I used stainless steel bolts to raise the charcoal grate up 2" in the FB. I know I need to extend the chimney down into the CC to hold heat better. I used Kingsford in the chimney starter and Royal oak lump as a base for the orginal heat, then added apple sticks as needed.

    Just wondering what might have happened to stall at such a low temp after so long of a cooking time? Even if the gauge was off by 50° it still should've been hotter by 6 hours.


    BTW, both meats were delicious with better smoke but less bark than the WSM. Smoke ring on the beef was almost 1".
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    Trouble holding temps in a wsm?? That's like saying my sink caught on fire....what's going on there? What's an EBC? I'm familiar with most 3 letter smoker nicknames but not that one.
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    I have to agree.

    I have never known anyone to have problems with temp control in a WSM.

    I have 3 of them & they are rock steady.

    Maybe it's how you built the fire.

  4. Maybe it's ECB? I don't know El Cheapo Brinkman offset smoker. I got my WSM from a yard sale. Looked like someone dropped it off the roof. I got it for $5.00 and thought I could make it work. It worked real well if you babysat it but if you left it for an hour or so the temps would go up. I got it because my other cooker is a Carolina style mobile pit. Pretty big to just heat up and smoke a butt. I usually make a fire in a fire pit with oak and shovel coals on to the fire grate.

  5. On another note, some day I'll have to tell you all about the time my wife caught my kitchen sink on fire.[​IMG]

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    Call weber....they've been know to replace parts no questions asked, figure out what parts are out of round and call them up, they are the rare company that still has excellent customer service.
  7. I never want to rip someone off. he lady said her daughter backed into it in the garage. It's certainly not Weber's fault. As a businessman I try to keep my karma good and use it when necessary. I've moved on to something I can actually smoke a whole packer or half a pig without firing up the big boy pit.



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