New Dyna Glo Wide Body Vertical Offset

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by loaf31, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. So my new Dyna Glo was delivered today and I immediately started on it.

    I planned on a few minor mods (tape and silicone) but that is about it.

    Got all of the pieces unboxed and laid out....The cooking chamber is HUGE.

    The overall build went quick and was very easy.

    Definitely won't be using all of the racks all of the time, but there is a TON of space available. I added nomex tape between the firebox and the smoke chamber, as well as to the firebox door.  I sealed the small gap between the firebox and smoke chamber with HT silicone, as well as tot he chimney and thermometer.

    Finished product...Cannot wait to season this tomorrow afternoon and hopefully get the maiden smoke in next weekend.
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    Looks great. But take it outside first to season it.... (j/k ya).
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  3. nice i will be watching this thread. I've been eyeing that smoker.
  4. So this weekend was unseasonably warm in SW PA, after having 24" of snow the weekend before, so I decided it was time to season this bad boy.

    It looks like my mods (silicone and tape) did the trick, no leaks.

    On Sunday it was time for the maiden voyage, started with a couple of racks of spare ribs that I trimmed St Louis Style.

    Just did a simple sweet and spicy rub.... Used the 3-2-1 method and this was the final product...

    They were delicious
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    So what'cha doing for the SuperBowl?
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    Mine just arrived yesterday. How's yours holding up after a year and a half?

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