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    Well howdy here there yall. I'm Kevin from Wichita, KS. Looking forward to makin some friends here and share good advise. We just bought our first HEAVY DUTY smoker on a trailer and I am PUMPED!!! Homemade, ultra thick wall steel, just big enough to "git ur dun". On that note, I have my first people choice competition that I will be attending in 2 weeks where everyone smokes 10 pork butts. I have no clue about the size of each one, so all I can do is guess somewhere around 5 lbs each X 10 = 50 lbs of pork. So you think about 16-18 hours for all of them at 235 degrees?
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    Welcome Kevin.  Sounds like quite a rig.  Please post some pics of your new toy if you get a chance.

    Good luck at the competition.  Sounds like fun.  I'm a hot n fast smoker and a wrapper so can't help you on the timing, but someone will pipe in shortly.  Be sure to let us know the smoke went and how you did.
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    Thanks! I'll get some pics posted in the next couple of days. I believe in wrapping also.
  4. Welcome to the forum. I did an 8# pork butt last weekend took about 12 hours at 225º , I'd say check the internal temp instead of trying to  time them. Do you have a place to hold them when they are ready, or just start serving.?

    Gary S

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