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Discussion in 'Curing' started by fishwrestler, Jul 14, 2012.

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    A while back a friend of a friend told me he could get me a glass front refrigeration unit used for soda pop. Well it has been going on two months and it has not materialized. So I have been checking Craigslist and after watching the TVshow on bartering I was thinking i need to check the Barter section of Craigslist. Well I think I scored a great trade and now I will have a Curing Room rather than a cabinet. I traded an old scroll saw I have not used in 10 years and table top router table I have had for 15 yrs and never used.

    The unit I am trading for has a refrigeration unit and is about 5' 3" X 6' 9" x 7' and is set up to hold 1000 bottles of wine. I have to remove the unit as part of the trade. I think this is going to work fine. I just need to get a humidifier now.

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  2. daveomak

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    Robert, evening.... That looks like you will have a winner....    I wouldn't need it as my wine comes in a cardboard box......  Dave
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    That sounds like a great score...JJ
  4. Hardcore
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    Awesome find Robert!

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    We have our very own barter king, great job.
  7. fishwrestler

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    OK. I got the unit home. It is a commercially produced unit,. The unit has insulted walls and the whole thing screws together. The refrigeration unit is suppose to keep the unit between 50-60 deg. The unit has a built in thermostat to regulate the temperatures. The directions say the refrigeration unit helps keep the room humid. Not sure how humid it gets. So I am going to have to get this unit assembled and runs some test.
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    Great score robert.........[​IMG]
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    That is to cool !
  10. fishwrestler

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    Wow Just realized how long this has been sitting in my garage.

    So finally finding some time to work on my curing room. I have decided to cut the unit down to 4' x 4'x 7' and line it with Galvanized Sheet  Metal. I found these part locally. Going off  SolarYellow's build I bought a HUM-1 and 110 V computer fan. Found the HUM-1 locally for $108 including tax. The company that makes these unit was taken over and the new company does not make them any longer, The local shop has one unit left if anyone is interested in it.

    I was at a computer surplus store and found these two fans and they threw in a cord for $30. I figured two since the cabinet/room is about twice as big as a stand up refrigerator.

    Just need to get fogger and will be ready to go.

    Oh yeah I need to clean the garage to find the needed floor space and then need to cut the panels down.

    I will keep everyone posted.

  11. fishwrestler

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    Another update:

    I have to say I love the perks of my new job.

    I took my Breezaire WKCR 2200 Compact Wine Cellar Cooling Unit that came with the room  and had one of our Service Tech Apprentices run a little diagnostic test to make sure the unit was working fine.  The unit was also cleaned and fans lubed

    The unit was putting out 60 deg air with-in 5 minutes of being turned on. The room temperature was in the high 70's.   

    Just need to find a pond fogger then spend a weekend cutting the walls down and assembling the room.

  12. dingo007

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  13. fishwrestler

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    I looked and that is the fogger i want. Local lowe's does not have them in stock.  I think the first cure will be spanish chorizo


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