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  1. Hey guys... I'm wanting to build a vertical RF smoker with water pan. I'm still in the design phase, and this will be my first vertical smoker to ever own..... I'm more accustomed to my horizontal RF and UDS smokers, but one takes up too much room and the other don't hold enough meat. I'm building a bbq competition trailer that this will set on, and since I do KCBS and MBN.... I need to be able to cook whole hog as well. SO, here's my question......or the start of my questions as I'm sure there will be more.

    The FB will be below a water pan. I'm thinking about having my smoke come out of the FB through a channel in the back wall (insulated 1" walls) to the top of the CC. Then, at the bottom of the CC, have two exhausts (right and left of the FB channel) that vent up and out the top of the smoker. I've seen those that use the entire wall as the channels, and some where FB just goes around the water pan and then vents out top. I think I like this design better. If anyone has any pros/cons, it would be appreciated. Also, sizes of the channel openings would be really appreciated.
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    Add foil pans with water in them, to the cooking chamber....   They don't have to be built in.... 
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