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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by poppafinch, Dec 20, 2015.

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    Hello all and greetings from Colorado. Fort Collins to be exact. My name is Doug and I'm 46. I say "new" because this is my first post on this forum, or any cooking forum for that matter, but "not so new", because Ive been a backyard smoker for many years. I got my first offset smoker for a gift 20+ years ago and have really enjoyed playing around with different foods and recipes over the years. Recently however (summer 2015), I was gifted a Louisiana LG 1100 from a very gracious and wonderful friend of mine. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I've cooked so far. Some foods have turned out better than others, but it has been a fun experience so far. Since getting the LG, the offset has been pushed aside. I did however recently make some mods to the firebox and smoke chamber (hoping to be able to maintain a better heat consistency inside the smoke chamber), and add a new coat of paint plus a shelf and new handle, and I think I'm ready to play around with charcoal again next spring. I have tons of questions about pellet smoking vs. charcoal smoking, but I know there is a huge amount of QandA's along with a ton of "experience and knowledge" on this forum, and that's why I joined. I'll poke around a little and try not to post any redundant questions. Anyway, that's a little bit about me, if you want to know more just ask away. Thanks for welcoming me into your "group". 

    Doug "I like Big Butts and I cannot lie" Finch  
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    Welcome Doug,

    It sounds you've got lots of experience and info to add to this great site!  Glad you joined us.

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    Thanks Mike.....excited to be in the club!
  4. Hi PoppaFinch and welcome to the forum.  I too smoke in Colorado SW of Denver in Ken Caryl at 5800 ft elevation.  My smoker is a heavily modified small New Braunfels offset.  It usually, though not always, turns out some pretty good BBQ.  

    It seems to me that smoking in Denver is considerably different than Houston seems to take longer and just turn out a bit different.  It will be good to share experiences.  


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