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  1. I'm starting my smokehouse project this week and it will be very similar to the one I've linked to.

    Please post any comments or concerns with its design and function. The main difference mine will

    have, will be using 1x6's horizontally and adding more 2x's to the frame work to allow for this.

    I was able to acquire some 1x6 'dogear' fence panels from a fence rehab project and figure they

    should be useful for the outside. I may calk the inside with some food-grade silicone to seal off

    any air gaps. Should I add roof metal inside as well or will the outside boards be sufficient?

    I intend to use a wood stove to pipe in the smoke and primary uses will be summer sausage

    and snack sticks.
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    I've looked at that link several times in the past when I was brainstorming on my smoke shack. That should be a pretty solid design.
  3. Well, I've changed things up a bit since I've begun my project. I've built the walls using 2x4's instead of 2x2's. The outside dia. is a bit over 4'x4'. The dogear fence panels have worked very well for the outside covering, installed in a horizontal manner. First I planed the edges true, taking off about an 1/8". They were originally painted barn red and have a bit of a weathered appearance now. I've ordered the roof metal, which will be hunter green, to match the roofs of my other outbuildings as well as my house.

    Next will be to construct the roof and doors. I think I've decided to build the door in 2 parts, with the lower section (18" H x 30" W ) on its own seperate hinges, though it will be able to work as one with the upper door (48" H x 30" W ) , held in place by a couple latches. The lower will allow me access to the chip pan for replenishing should I decided to add an inside burner later. At this point I will have an outside smoke source.
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    I thought about using dog ear fence planks too. Be sure and post some pics!
  5. [​IMG]

    Progress up to this point.

    A buddy says its gonna be too small, and it very well could be, but I'll just have to build a bigger one if/when the time comes.  I think this'n will hold 200-300 lbs of summer sausage.

    Still have to do several things yet. I don't like the fence latch and it will come back off. Doesn't provide any closing pressure for a seal.

    For the time being it will be moveable on skids but I plan to elevate it on stacked cinder blocks permanently when I scrounge up enough blocks.


  6. [​IMG]

    Getting a little closer to completion.
  7. What kind of door latch would be recommended?  I intend to add a seal of some sort to the door stops but am not sure what style of latch to use that would provide enough pressure against the seal.
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  9. Nice build!
  10. Those clamps are what I had in mind and I mentioned them to a friend who has a HF near him. He said that he didn't think they would open up enough for the door to clear.

    If they do, I would def. go that route.  Also, will they rust?

    Thanks for the compliments.
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  11. In the pic's above is just over 100 lbs of summer sausage and 25 lbs of salami with cheddar cheese.

    We put together a make-shift smoke source and put the salami's on a short run of cold smoke.

    Inside temps of the smokehouse never got above 75*. The salami's first received a hot bath to an

    internal temp. of 165*, followed by a cold shower, then into the smokehouse they went.

    The summer sausage is receiving its second cold smoke this evening in my buddies smokehouse.

    Mine still needs some completion before its ready to tackle much use.
  12. the latches that gersus linked to will definitely clear the door.  is that a galvanized wash tub ??
  13. A friend picked up some of the latches for me but I didn't take the time to check them out yet. I'm glad to hear they will work. Thanks!

    Yes, its a galvanized tub. I put 6-8" of sand in the bottom and only hickory coals. There was essentially no heat, you could carry the tub with bare hands.

    Do you think the galvanized tub is a no-no?  I've often wondered about that, but see references to trash can smokers all the time. Which still doesn't mean

    its the proper thing to do.
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    With high enough heat the zinc in the galvanized tub or trash can will burn off and create toxic fumes.

    We've heard the argument that the heat doesn't get that high. . .yada, yada, yada.  All it takes is a good hot grease fire to get the temps hot enough. 

    The disclaimer here is "You can take your chance but beware".  Personally, I'd rather stay away from anything galvinized in my smoker set-ups and not have to worry about it. YMMV.
  15. I agree with ya, Dutch. I won't be using this method anymore.
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