New build from Sweden.

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by heinekenbeer, Feb 10, 2015.

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    The welder seems to be extremely well hunged!!
  3. heinekenbeer

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    I just think there is something wrong with his leg. The same goes for his head... :)
  4. heinekenbeer

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    This weekends updates.

    I have done the chimney now. It is only tackwelded since the man on the picture and video told me I had failed with my tries on the TIG-welding. :)

    I have also started with the doors. And the middle part the thermometer should be mounted in. My plan here is that I can install the thermometer before I screw on the inside door panel and tadpole gasket. I will use M5 Torx screw so I can take off the inside panel if needed to change gasket or install another thermometer etc.

  5. Looking Better and Better

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    I too am following your build...gorgeous work so for. I am hoping you will post complete as built materials list when finished. I have friend with large metal fab shop I might ask for price quote to build.
  7. heinekenbeer

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    I am pretty sure that I will post CAD and parts when the project is complete. I just want to see if it works before I post something. We have had some issues with the door panels. It´s really hard to weld it all together without any distortion/warping. I am thinking of using pop rivets instead.


    Updates from todays progress.

    Firebox completed.

    Ashpan completed.

    The middle and inner walls are all tackwelded. The firebox/cooking chamber plate is also into place.

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    Wow! Looks like it would survive through a nuclear bomb! Nice work.
  9. Looking Better and Better

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    On thinner big sheets, it is best to tack all the corners, then tack the middle on both dimensions. After you get those tacks set, then split them again and do not weld more than 2 mm each. This will tend to pull the sheet evenly as it cools. It takes a bit longer, but long welds pull much worse and should not be run until the sheet is fully held at multiple locations. It doesn't turn out as pretty as long beads; however, you have to break up a bead to position your hands anyway. On smaller parts, it is just a pain since the weld is a higher percentage of the part size if you understand what I mean. On your first photograph, it is clear how much heat was built up in the part as you welded from left to right, the heat affected zone is wider on the right side, if you keep that effect in mind, you can use it to your advantage. Overall, it is a beautiful build and I hope it works as good as it looks! Soon you will have many friends because the smell of a good smoke draws a crowd!!!!
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    Looks like a quality build you have going on there guy.
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    Yeah I've found those, but I just can't justify spending that much on shipping...

    I found some suitable springs yesterday from a local shop, I think I'm going to make "cool" handles myself :) It won't have that tapering shape, but who cares...
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    You know if everyone smoked meat we would have a better world!!!
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    Sometimes I sit on Youtube and watch when people explains the process of smoking and shares their recipes. But it is hard to watch without tasting.


    I also want to thank everyone for their kind words and all help I have been given.

    This is what I have done this weekend.

    I have cut the isolation for the bottom wall. I wanted to see how it fit and it worked out good.

    I have fabricated some feets. They will be welded later.

    Trying out the outer panels. I have a hard time to decide if I should try to weld them and risk to have them slightly warped or just go with the pop rivet. Bottom panel is tack welded, we should try to weld that and wee how it turns out.

    Inner panel fasteners for both doors. I will be able to screw the tadpole gasket in place, or have it replaced if needed.

  15. weev

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    Looking good
  16. Man !!  That is really looking nice, got some serious skills there, well thought out

  17. heinekenbeer

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    Minor updates from this week. But I plan being in the workshop whole weekend and weld most of the panels.
    My friend tested another method for the panel underneath. It is very time consuming. He welded 3-4cm (about 1 1/2") in a "reverse direction". We used a hammer on the weld to take away all tension and let it cool as much that I could hold my hand on the weld. Then another 3-4cm "reverse weld" stitched into the earlier. Very slow progress but it worked out nice. He showed me how I could do it myself since it would take so much time so I have been spending some hours after work this week and now I am finished with one side panel!!! :) It worked out good, without any distortion.
    Isolation of side panel.

    Melting iron...

    Hammered and brushed. :)

    Hopefully I have some more updates after the weekend. I am searching for a way to install my temperature probe cables thrue the panel. There are many ways but I like it to be discrete and durable. The cable is 9mm at it´s thickest. Do you have any tips?
  18. daveomak

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    Do they make and can you get a "bulkhead" connector...
  19. lendecatural

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    We used to make tapered grommets out of silicone. In our case we used a small tapered plastic pill cup and put a metal post in the center, coat it lightly with a film olive oil, and when the silicone cures, usually a day or so, remove the silicone and post. At that point, take a razor blade and slit one side so you can wrap it around the probe wire and push it into the hole in the cabinet. It won't leak enough to matter for what you are doing.
  20. heinekenbeer

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    I have welded all sides except the top one. No distortion yet but I will have to wait and see what happens when I fire it up :)

    I found these and ordered them. I have prepared the smoker with M16 thread so hopefully it will work. I did not want the probe cables to be able to move.


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