New Build 24x48 Patio Smoker

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ron petersen, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. I just got a diesel fuel tank 24x48 and looking to build an insulated RF unit.

    I need help (ideas) on how to get the insulation on the round tank and seal it. I also want to add propane burner under the cooking grates in case I want to BBQ/Grill steaks, etc. I made a good size griddle and want to use it in there as well. I might add a pellet hopper to the unit (idea up in the air for now).

    Reason for insulation is that I am in ND and have had great results smoking on my other smoker in 20 below weather, it's a learning curve to change my cooking habits in 60 degree weather. Last smoke I did was around 40 degrees and wind blowing, the wind changed direction into my FB causing ash to blow into my meats. Really sucked, but it still tasted good.

    Any suggestions to keep ashes from blowing into the food?

    Open to ideas and tips. I'll post pics when I get a chance.

    Thank You in Advance.

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