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    New to this forum so, hello!

    Big egg user, and have a couple of stumps, but been itching for an offset. Well I love in the Pac Nw, and all we have here is cheap OK joes, etc. to get a quality model like a Lang or a Yoder, it's big shipping costs. On the CL I've been hunting an Offset, but was about to give up and get the Ok joes model Wally World. Well, there have been a few on the CL, but they were rusted out, or I was too late. Well, today i found this one. It's an old original NB in amazing condition. Weighs a ton! Wood is good, some surface rust. The welds are amazing. Going to take her apart and sand it down and paint her up. Get some of the mods people recommend.
    Do have a few questions:
    It's missing the grates support bars, so if There is any info on those it would be great.
    Is it worth welding the boxes together of just use high temp silicon? Or green egg gasket?
    Any thoughts on paint to use? I assume black high temp, but any suggestions?
    Worth keeping the gas starter assist?

    Here it is!

    Rust on bottom of firebox

    Surface rust.

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