New Braunfels Tower Smoker - $60

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    This New Braunfels charcoal/wood smoker is a tower smoker that can be used for indirect heat smoking or direct heat cooking. It has two adjustable racks and several more can be added. This is not a thin stamped metal smoker. It is heavy steel and will stand up for years of use.
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    Sorry bout that.
    New Braunfels Tower Smoker - $60

    Brinkman Smoke and BBQ Grill - $15

    see if this works


    Not mine just saw it for sale.
  2. daddyzaring

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    Where's this at? You know those links are to email them, they're not to the ad itself?
  3. beer-b-q

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    You need to copy the link in the address bar of your browser not the email link in the ads.[​IMG]
  4. daddyzaring

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    Bummer, that's in Colorado.[​IMG] Little to far from me.

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