New Braunfels Smoker for $100. Should I buy this?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bri5565, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. bri5565

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    Hi I'm new to this site and smokers so please bear with me. I have been wanting to get a smoker and came across this one for $100. Should I buy this? Surface rust
  2. wade

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    If the metalwork is sound and the lids seal well then it should be fine. Give the inside and outside a good wire brush down and coat the inside with a good coating of cooking oil. The outside can be made to look pretty with any hear resistant stove paint. Give it a good hot burn for a couple of hours with no food inside to help re-season the inside and there should be no reason why it should not last you a good few years. I have had the Bandera (a different NB design) for about 15 years and it is still working well.

    You may want to use some stove tape to seal the lid if it is not sealing completely.
  3. bri5565

    bri5565 Newbie

    Thank you Wade for your time and information!
  4. b-one

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    Are you sure you want a stick burner? There fun but you need the time to spend while cooking to keep your fire going. It's only a $100 so if it's in decent shape and you have the time go for it,if you don't have the time a great option would be a WSM you can find them used but even new they aren't to badly priced. I have had two butts on from 8:00 last night it's noon now so sixteen hours and I have only kicked it once to knock down the ash and opened a couple vents to keep it going!
  5. Bri5565, 

    I bought just this smoker about 10 years ago for $79 at the end of the season.  After lots of mods, it has and makes real good barbecue for my family.  We have come to really appreciate it.  I have attached a write up on modifications made over several years.  Look it over and post your thoughts.  

    The ability to crisp the skin of smoked meat, especially chicken, on a small grill over the charcoal fire is real handy.  
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