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  1. olddawg

    olddawg Fire Starter

    I have an opportunity to pick one of these for $80.  It's new but has a few dent that won't affect the cooking properties.  Any thoughts or comments on this smoker?
  2. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    If you can pick up a decent smoker for that price I would say go for it.
  3. olddawg

    olddawg Fire Starter

    I went and checked this smoker out.  The only dent was on the bottom storage rack.  Offered $50 and he countered with $60 so I bought it.  Now I need to do some reading on mod to tune this cooker up.  Any and all suggestions would be most welcome.
  4. olddawg

    olddawg Fire Starter

    Added a baffle, lowered the chimney to the cooking grate level and added to thermometers to the top at grate level.  Fired it up to season and found a difference of 25 degrees from the fire box side to the opposite side of the smoker.  I'm thinkin' I can take the original charcoal pan from the cooker, turn it upside down and drill hole in it and maybe that will even out the heat.  Any other suggestions?  Lowes has a master forge grillin' wok that I am going to pick up for a fire box.


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