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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by cap22, Oct 7, 2015.

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    Hey I was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of smokehouse I have here. I recently bought a house and this came with it. It's pretty big probably 3'x 4' haven't measured precisely but it sits in the corner of one of my out buildings. Looks like it has a charcoal firebox on the floor and hooks to hang meat but the only thing I'm not sure of is ventilation. There is some mesh on the back wall but it doesn't lead anywhere that I can see without deconstructing everything. Anybody have some info for me? Thanks!
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    Looks like someone has sure gotten a lot of use out of it Cap.  If I was in your situation the first thing I would do is start a small bed of coals going, add some wood for smoke and see where the smoke goes.  I would also put a thermometer inside on one of the hooks, (Or at that level in the smoker), and see what kind of temps you get.  That can help you decide what type of smoking the house is suitable for.

    As I mentioned in your roll call thread, I am not familiar with smokehouses.  Hopefully some of the smokehouse gang will add their thoughts.
  3. I agree, sure has gotten alot of use.  If the room looks airtight - the mesh has to be part of ventilation.  Be careful - rodents could have built nest in the exhaust or previous owners decided to cover the outside vent - you may fill your out building up with smoke because it can't go thru the mesh. If you do find vent - make sure it's clean so you don't start a fire when you start using it. 

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