New and want to say hi. And have a Rec Tec question.

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  1. Hi every one...My name is Terry (Aptos Smoke)... I an new to this forum and someone was kind to direct me to your group...I do hope I can figure out how to use the forum property... And obtain knowledge from your group, it seems to be the perfect group for me...

    I just put my first pellet grill together a REC Tec and hope to use it next week... My question is do I wrap in tin foil the tray that brings the grease to the bucket... Some refer pellet grills as wood convection ovens and I wonder if the tin foil comes loose will it restrict air flow and effect cooking... If I do not use tin foil and spray the tray with a non stick spray will it be a bear to clean where I'd wished I had used tin foil... Anyway appreciate...
  2. Terry, [​IMG]

    Congratulations on the Rec-Tec, it is one of my tools and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  There are thoughts on wrapping the drip tray, some say it affects the heat, some say it's too much hassle, me, I found wrapping it to make clean up much easier.  In fact, sometimes it would get tiny tears or grease would go over the edge and get underneath making the foil stick, so now I use the 18" heavy duty from Costco and use a double layer.  Sometimes I get lucky when I clean it and remove the outer layer and just put a new one on.  If it's all gunked up underneath, both come off and get replaced.  So, my vote is foil it.  If you have questions or need ideas, be sure to let us know, otherwise cook away and enjoy!  Also, might want to look into, there is a dedicated Rec Tec section there.
  3. Don...

    Thank you for the reply... I do have a Costco close by so I will look for some 18 inch heavy duty tin foil... If that was your photos I looked at I hope to obtain some of your expertise with my smoker... I will check

    Thanks again,

  4. Terry, have fun, that's what it's all about.  Those pics are old, I really do need to update them.  I thought what I cooked then was very good, I can't believe how much I've learned and how much better things are today.  It just takes time and like I said, just go slow and enjoy it, the rewards from each cook are always great. 

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    Hi Terry and welcome! Congrats on that new Rec Tec...Hope you enjoy it! I bought my RT about 2 years ago and really like it a lot!

    Your question about foiling the grease tray: its a personal preference...IMO there's not really a wrong answer, although there are some who claim the foil affects their temperature control. When my rig was brand new, I foiled the grease shield every time I used it...only for trying to make cleanup easier. It wasn't long til grease started ending up under the foil anyway, so I stopped doing it. Now I just let the grease drip on the shield, and use a putty knife to scrape and clean it after each use.

    Good luck! Be sure to post up some pics of your first cook to show that new rig off! Thumbs Up

  6. I have foiled my Rec-Tec since I started using it and I don't think that it has any effect on the air flow.  I usually replace the foil after 3-4 smokes and the clean up is really easy.  Foil it and smoke away!  Welcome to the group and have fun with your Rec-Tec.
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    I clean mine with dynamite. Of course that means I need to get a new one every time I clean it but I figure what the heck. You only live onece right?

    Happy belated April fools  [​IMG]

    Congrats on the new Rec Etc. I've been bitten by the smoke bug a few years ago and came a couple years ago. These are a great bunch of guys and you will learn lots here. I still do and am amazed by all the tips and tricks they have taught me. 

    You'll fit right in.
  8. Just ordered my kitchen sink rec tec. so I have so many questions.  of course Im sure most will be answered by surfing this incredible site.  Can one of you post the tray in question that you guysare talking about using the tin foil on?  Thanks again for your help.  
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    Hey cosmo...congrats on that new Rec Tec!  I hope you really enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine.

    The grease tray of which we speak is the large, removable stainless steel shield that sits just under the grates.  The best pic I could find was this one that I took the day it arrived about 3 years ago.  In the pic, you can see the tray directly under the grates.  This tray catches all the dripping grease and diverts it toward the grease drain on the right side of the pit. BTW, it's never been this clean since that day!  [​IMG]

    Hope that helps...

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