new 18.5 wsm on craigslist $160.00

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by iluvribs, May 2, 2010.

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    got this baby today, he wanted $189 and I talked him down to $160. This guy goes to buys a whole trailer full of stuff in indiana and comes back to ohio and sells it , i could'nt resist [ i've got this smoking thing bad, i hope there isnt any help for it ] there is a few scratches on it from shipping. He said a guy bought it on amazon and sent it back...but what the heck i'm happy for that price, now im ready for my big cookout in a couple weeks after i get the pool liner in got a drum today also for a uds build...cookin 6 slabs of bb's in the 22.5 as i was taking pics, will post Q-view of them later. Was thinking of seanoning this since it has scratches on it but I also know as I use it, it will season as well, any thoughts on that
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    Good score. [​IMG]
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    Nice find, congrats.
  4. Nice! If there's an external scratch, use wood stove paint and a fine brush to fill the scratch. You could do the same inside, but as you said, season either way. Rich

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