New 12" Meat Slicer-----"LUCKY ME!"

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    I've been wanting a new meat slicer, and decided to finally get one.

    I have some Cabelas Gift Cards, so decided to pick one up on the way to my cabin this weekend.

    Got to Cabelas, and they were "Sold Out"

    The warehouse had some, but they were a different model

    I asked if they would sell the floor model, and the Mgr. said "Yes!"

    So I bought it!

    Price was $399.99 + Tax

    Less: $50 for being a floor model

    Less: $25 for signing up for a Cabelas Credit Card

    Less: 10% for using my new Cabelas Credit Card

    Less: $360 in gift cards

    Net Cost =  "Free" + I got a $50 UnderArmor Hoodie for my Wife!

    Every Once In A while, Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut!

    I would much rather be lucky than good!!!

    New 12" Cabelas Meat Slicer                                               Paper Thin Salami Slices

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    Awesome score Todd... Congrats on the new slicer..........................

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