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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by andrew l, Jul 5, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    Like the title says, I've never though about smoking meat until the other day when I attempted to slow roast a brisket on my grill. It basically petrified the bottom quarter of the meat and was even miserable to try to cut that off. I purchased a Brinkmann Smoke N' Grill (ECB). I know its not the best product out there, but it was cheap, and my wife said it was okay to try it. I've perused the forums a little and found out that i can perform some modifications on it to help it operate better. I will be trying that soon enough. I bought it with the intentions of using it today, and have been smoking ribs (I don't know about successfully yet) for the last couple hours. I am trying the 2-2-1 rule that i learned about late last night. My temps are all over the place so far, but first time is all guesswork, right? Hopefully they at least turn out edible.

    My first modification I plan on doing is drilling holes into the charcoal pan and adding a grate to the bottom so the ash can fall through. I'm already having a problem with the coals being smothered. After that, a real thermometer is needed.

    About me: My wife, two kids, and I reside in the beautiful pacific northwest. Just a few minutes outside of Seattle. I served in the United States Navy for 8 years (actually, my last day of active duty is tomorrow), and we moved down here after I went on terminal leave. I'm going to be starting college in the fall to get an Information Technology degree. What that means is I have the rest of this summer to play around with this smoker (and brew beer, as I am also a homebrewer; all-grain of course).

    Looking forward to joining the community!

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    Welcome to the forum. Great to have you aboard. BBQ and beer certainly go hand in hand. Congrats on the new smoker. A few mods and a little learning curve and you'll be smoking like a pro in no time. Lots of great info and great folks willing to help here if you need it. Also, the search function will be a great help.
  3. andrew l

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    Thanks! I've been using that search function a lot. That's how I learned that I even needed to make modifications at all. I also signed up for the 5-day E-Course to learn more about smoking. Everything I've learned has been in the last 24 hours. Before that it was just "Oh, smoked meat, I don't know what that means but it tastes good."
  4. Hey Andrew, Hello and welcome from East Texas

    Gary S

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