Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator - Part (Tray unknown)

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  1. Just purchased this unit. Comes with 4 trays, but there is another piece (solid round with a bigger diameter hold in the center.  Does this piece go on the bottom of the unit or the top near the fan.  Manual or web search shows nothing about this piece.  
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    It is probably for making fruit roll ups.  It fits in one of the trays and add applesauce and dry.  without a pic can't say for sure.

  3. Thanks Stan, appreciate the info
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    Your welcome.  My granddaughter loves strawberry jerky.  I put a quart of berries a squeeze or two of lemon juice and a couple drops of Cinnamon oil in food processor.  pour into tray and dehydrate till leathery.

  5. I will have to try that.  My youngest son (17) loved the Jerky I made. 2-1/2 lbs sure went quick [​IMG]. Made the Jerky (flank steak) marinated in a combination of Soy Vay Inland and Hoisin/Garlic sauces. Marinated for 8 hours and dried for 5 hours. Going to try London Broil today instead of flank steak today and see what goes.
  6. How did the London Broil go? It's all I use [​IMG]
  7. This is the same Dehydrator I have had & used for years. I love it. The reply about that plastic, smoother tray was correct. I have made fruit roll-ups once & used that thing, but I'm more into making beef jerky, so I rarely use it.
    Did you find that you had to rearrange your shelves & possibly even meat strips yo get them evenly dried? I may be complicating things that should be easy, but I rearrange them every few hours. I'm making some Terriaki & some Tangy Hot tonight & tomorrow using London Broil. I can't wait! They've marinating since last night.:drool
  8. I really need to proof-read before I hit Submit, but I think you get the main idea.

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