Nephew needs help and advice with turkey.

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by papadon, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. My awesome nephew needs help smoking turkey tomorrow. Any advice opinions at welcome, needed. HELP!!
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  3. Thank you stickyFingers!!!

    Neil, my nephew, brined the turkey starting yesterday. Water, salt, sugar, apple juice, apple sauce and a few other ingedients.

    He's using an analog electric smoker, 30" Smoke Hallow. He has apple chips.
    He plans on using the "beer can" method".
    I've only smoked one turkey and it did not turn out, too much smoke. I can give hints but I'm no expert.

    Bacon draped, wrapped???

    Keep it coming!! Temps, smoke time!!!

    I suggested take out a third of the beer and put in some melted butter with seasonings.
    I feel SPG is best, rubed under the skin and on top???!!!

    Thanks Smokers!!!
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    Since he brind he is off to a good start,  if he can get it to 300-235 smoking that would be best or high as he can. Chips every 30 min. beer if fine, I would do SP and rosemary. IT at the thigh 175-180. Could finish in oven after hitting 140. will insure a better skin if the Electric smoker cann't reach 300 .    

  5. Everything is going OK.
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  6. What temp should he take it to?

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    Nice looking bird Pap.I like to take turkey to an internal temp of at least 170 just to be on the safe side. Take the temp in the breast and thigh. I run my electric smoker at between 275 and 300.
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    Looking great and congratulations , Neil [​IMG]  

     Waiting on the finish , [​IMG]

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