Needing to double smoke chamber long is ok?

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by cccsmokin, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. The smoker I built has worked awesome for years now as is but I have been asked a couple of times to smoke more than I can at once lately...11 briskests And 2 rolls of Bologna was the last request! ( that was a long weekend)
    My current setup has a smoke chamber 24" pipe 36" long and the firebox is18" x 24" long...I'm thinking about cutting the end off and adding an additional 36" to the smoke chamber for a total of 72" long. What I'm wondering is how long is too long? Will my far end heat up and stay there with the rest or will I run cold at the far end? Maybe increase the firebox size as well?
    I was going to start from scratch and build a whole new smoker from 36" pipe until I priced it yesterday :icon_eek: $620.00 just for the smoke chamber! Figured I better find a cheaper alternative so I thought of just expanding my current smoker if possible so I come to the better smoking minds for advise!

    Not a great picture but you will get the idea what I have now
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    If you are happy with the way your smoker cooks...... why screw it up... You have a great design.....

    Build another small smoker for those occasions when you need more room... Then you will have 2 smokers... one for high temps and one for low and slow..

    If you do add-on.... you will need a bigger firebox.... so basically you will be scrapping the current smoker....
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    If you would please add your location to your profile it would help. Me or another member may know of a piece of pipe cheap or maybe even free.

    Happy smoken.

  4. Updated part of my profile..i live in dewey oklahoma. I thought about just building another smaller smoker but i really dont want to have 2 smokers filling up the back yard and i can get the 24" pipe cheap enough to expand this one if its feasable just wasnt sure about the length being too long
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    If you do a google search for pit calculators you can check and see how big if a chamber your current firebox will support. Your firebox is going to be your limiting factor. Another option to look at that might help is switch it to a reverse flow set up when you are making changes, that way the heat passes under and over the meat, not just over the meat and out the stack.

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