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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bcox321, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. So I've never made sausage before. Im looking to get started. I'm new to the site and I've been doing a lot of research and looking at old threads and I still seem to be slightly confused. I would like to make some sausage as you would find at a BBQ joint. I've seen recipes for cheddar and jalepeno stuffed sausage and would like to try. My question is with making this type of sausage am i going to need a cure? Also what's the best method for cooking a sausage like this? Smoking it slow? Higher temp smoke? Direct heat? Any advice or pointers would be highly appreciated
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    BC321, You need to use cure if smoking a sausage. Low and slow is the way to smoke .Leave your dampers wide open for an hour or more at 110-120 to dry your sausage so it accepts smoke. Add smoke after drying and bump up the temp every hour 10-15 degrees. cook until you reach the proper internal temp ,don't exceed 160-170 in smoker temps. This is just a quick guide ,check out the search box above for more in depth ideas and recipes !
  3. Awesome that's what I'll do!

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