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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by ufert, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I was wondering if anybody could give me some good tips on how to crisp the skin up on whole 3lb chickens I am smoking for my moms birthday tomorrow. The last time I smoked whole chickens the skin was like rubber. I am using a Cajun Injector Electric Smoker and it's top temp setting is 275. Thanks everybody for the help I appreciate it!!
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    can you sear it on a grill at the end of the smoke?
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    I'm pretty new, and was wondering the same thing. I'll be doing some chicken this weekend too, and I have an MES40 with a top temp of 275. So I plan on having the grill hot when I bring the chicken out of the smoker, and crisping it up on the grill, and maybe then applying a glaze of some sort and move it to indirect for a few minutes. Good luck with your birthday smoke!
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    If you don't have a grill to use you can hit them under the broiler to crisp the skin too.
  6. Sounds like a plan I have a grill I can use, thanks for the info!!
  7. Finished product they were so tender and juicy. A huge hit with the family!! Thanks for all the help.
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    We just did a smoked 6 lb chicken yesterday.  225 deg for 3 hours over cherry wood, to crisp the skin we finished it in a 425 deg oven to an internal temp of 165 in the thigh.  It was 135 when I pulled it out after 3 hrs, took maybe 45 min (had a few drinks, just guessing here lol) to get to 165.  One tip I can give is in addition to rubbing the skin, lift up the skin and put some rub in between the skin and the meat itself.  Adds a ton of flavor. 
  9. That sounds like a plan I will have to use on my next bird!!! Thanks
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