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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by wild west, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Hi im looking for help from other modders. I have had my mes for a few weeks now and have had good success with smokes at mid temps of 225 to 250 doing butts chickens and brisket but with cured sausage ive made where i want to finish with heat below 170 the temp difference from fromt to back and top to bottom of the cabinet differ by as much as 30 degrees(i used my maverick to check temps in various areas. By the mes sensor it only differed by 1 degree from the controller reading). Did stix on the weekend and at 160 i couldnt get alot of them past 134 while others were at cabinet temp.i ended up having to finish them in a water bath. I should have done my homework and read more reviews but didnt and ended up buying a mes 2.25 (my name for 2.0 with the vent on top left). Ive read some posts where members have removed the slanted drip tray and hanging water pan to achieve more even heat distribution. I was thinking about trying that as well as removing the chip tray but leaving the chip loader in and useing it to adjust draft which i already do. I use the amzn 12inch tube.for smoke. Any sugestions are appreciated
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    Are you laying them on the racks?

  3. This time they were but previously i hung them and the lower portions were darker and more done so i thought i would try them on racks this time
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    You can always smoke them,then finish in a hot water bath or the oven.

  5. I ended up doing that and likely will with all my sausage in the future but still would like a more even heat because im sure there will be situations where i need to use more than one rack for say something like chicken and ribs for example

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