Need to find mod parts for ECB!

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by tkeiy661, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hello all,

    I have just bought an ECB for myself and I need to know where to find the 13.5" cahrcoal grate for the pan. i have my holes drilled and I have it on its own stands, now I need that grate. Does anyone know where to get it? Ive looked on the internet, home depot, walmart, and lowes and no good...

    thank you in advance,


    oh, and happy smoking!
  2. By any chance would a Weber 18" kettle charcoal grate fit?  I know Home Depot and Lowe's carries those as do most major box stores.  Not sure of the actual size of the 18" kettle charcoal grate but it might be close enough to work.  The charcoal grate for a 22.5" Weber might be too big....

  3. sprky

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    I have gotten grates from Ace hardware before. may be a place too check.

    Another sugestion is take the pan with ya and see what you find that fits. 
  4. sierra

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    Also check the cheap table-top grills they sell at discount stores. The grates for one we had from tailgating several years back fit well.
  5. figjam

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    If it's an ECB, the 18" one will be too big as well.  I've heard of people using the grate from Weber's little smokey joe though.

    I used expanded metal bought at home depot.  was kind of a pain to cut it down, but it worked grate (pun and spelling intended).
  6. bookem

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    Hey Tkeiy, I found one at Wal Mart, it wasn't on the store's website, but it was in the grill/outdoor section at the store. 

    Not sure it's 13.5", but it is a smaller one and gets the charcoal up about an inch off of the bottom of the pan.
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