Need suggestions for my first Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dwolfpak, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. So I have a few questions before my first brisket:

    1)  Does someone have a link to Jeff's step by step basic brisket?

    2)  Rub and marinade for a couple days or rub right before smoking?

    3)  Trim or no trim?

    4)  Smoker temp, goal temp, any mid step temps?

    Oh hell, I just need Jeff's  (or someones) basic step by step guide.   Party is Saturday night, I'm doing Pork Butts and the Brisket.  The Pork I have down pretty well, I've done several over the last couple years.  This is my first try at a brisket though, and I've heard its pretty unforgiving.  So, tonight I am rubbing my butt and will be smoking on Friday.  

    For starters, should I rub and or inject the brisket tonight?

    Thanks for any help, 

  2. seaham358

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    I'm a fan of hot and fast for brisket.  Google Myron Mixon hot and fast and you will find a good injection recipe I use every time I smoke a brisket now.  They sell other beef base brands in local stores. Inject a day before and rub the morning of the smoke. For a first brisket I would definitely foil when the IT hits 160-170*.  Yes you will loose some bark when foiling but you want a moist piece of meat and the foil also helps speed up the cook. Do a search on the site and you will find all kinds of info on brisket.

    Yes you can cook a moist brisket w/out foiling.. Foil helps maintain moisture and for someone who is trying this for the first time you need the crutch.  I have smoked briskets with/ without foil I even tried the butcher paper method and I will say my favorite method is hot and fast foiled in a foil pan with injection mix in the pan.
  3. seaham358

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    I trim as much fat off as I can.. Some like to leave 1/4 some more.. I can't stand fat on my brisket.

    How large?  Is it a flat or packer brisket?

    I like hot and fast so I run 275-300 take to IT of 160-170 then foil.

    Take to 195ish and check the whole brisket for doneness. My last one I took too 201.. Foil and rest for at least 1hr before slicing.  Longer is good..

    IMO injections should be beef based not apple or fruit juices.. Garlic, onion is good..
  4. smokin-q

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    Good info here:
  5. Thanks Seaham and Smokin-Q...  I'll put those to use.  I'm thinking a little lower temp though, I'm going to be doing the 3 Butts at the same time, and I don't want to over do those.  May split the difference and run it at 250ish.  Thoughts?  Is a brisket about the same time/lbs as a butt?  My brisket is just shy of 15lbs packer (pre trim weight) and the butts are 9-10 labs each.

    I'll be posting q-view from prep to party as I go.

    Thoughts on finishing the brisket in my oven?  I know its cheating, but I've done that before with butts when I have to do them overnight, I know this size brisket could push 24 hours.
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    It just takes patience . . .and no peeking until you get close to 200*F.[​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
  7. seaham358

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    With smoking you don't cook by time its temp. Every piece of meat is different but for a guide maybe 1hr per pound at low and slow. 

     Low and slow works well but will take time and finishing in an oven is fine if that's what you have to do

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