Need Stuffed Cherry Pepper Recipe

Discussion in 'Side Items' started by cjk1977, Nov 4, 2011.

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    We tried to stuff a bunch of cherry peppers from the garden this year.  We stuffed them with sharp provolone and prosciutto.  Put them in a mason jar with olivve oil and let them sit.  I have tried them and they are jsut not that good.  Does anyone have a good reicpe that they do not mind sharing.  Thanks a million.
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    I have never had Stuffed Cherry Pepper made from Fresh Peppers...If you are comparing the ones you made to those purchased in jars from the Grocery or in Deli's...The difference is Pickling the Peppers first, then they are Stuffed and preserved in Olive Oil...Here is a Pickling recipe that I use for a variety of Vegetables. There will be some variation, for instance, with Kirby Cucumber Pickles I place the Spears in jars with Garlic and Dill and Pour the Hot brine over so they stay Crisp, Half Sour Polish Kosher Dills. For Harder veggies like Carrots and your Peppers...Simmer the Peppers in the Brine for 1-2 minutes then Jar the whole deal and allow to cool to room temp before refridgerating for 48 hours to get Sour before stuffing and jaring with Olive oil...Hope this works for you...JJ

    Pickling Brine

    2Qt Water

    1Cup White Vinegar

    1/3 Cup Sugar

    1/3 Cup Salt

    Mix all and bring to a boil then proceed as above.

    Note: Add Garlic, Herbs and or Spices as desired
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    I make an old school Calabrian deal,with anchovy,caper,black olive,parsley leaf. But they dont keep that long so much sugar in chilli.I blanch them in boiling water first. Eat them straight or chopped up for pasta sauce is this the sort of thing you were leaning towards?
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    Mick this variety sounds similar to one available in the States in Jars at the grocery, The filling is finely pureed and mixed with what I think is Bread Crumbs and Parm Reg Cheese, the filling is very dense...They are put out by the Italian company Cento...JJ
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    Thank you guys for the reply. 

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