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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by soberguy, Apr 22, 2012.

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    I've been without a grill for a few years, and have sorely missed it.  I've desperately wanted to get into smoking as well.  I've done a little poking around...and it's easy to be overwhelmed by various considerations (price, type, quality, mods required, etc.) so needless to say I haven't made that investment yet.

    At any rate, the girlfriend knows I've been missing a grill, and she's been missing one as well.  So when she ran across one at Costco, she made an offer to get one for me.  I can't find the product on their website, but I have found this.

    Mainly I'll be doing some grilling, mostly chicken and kabobs, but probably burgers and other stuff as well.  We're not huge on red meat, but we'll definitely do some steaks here and there, and my son loves his pork baby back ribs.  Fish is huge for us, as well.  Mostly grilling, but I definitely want to do some smoking when time permits.

    This seems to be fairly versatile in that regard, and from the searching I've done on the site, it seems to be pretty efficient as well.  I'm a bit worried about the ease of adding wood chips, but from this post  it seems that if you set it up right, you really don't have to worry about access and adding chips.

    For someone very new to smoking and only semi-experienced (novice/amateur) at grilling, it seems to me that the versatility of the Kamado here would work well.

    So what does everyone think?  I'm open to ideas and suggestions, but will probably make a purchase in this next week (she's pretty anxious and determined to get me a grill, heh).

    Thanks in advance for your time and help.
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    What  grill is it there is no link, you can just tell us what it is also.
  3. soberguy

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    There's a hyperlink at the end of the second paragraph...

    After some poking around, though, I'm really not sure.  It's a Kamado, labeled at Costco as a Phase 2 (which I can't find anything on, except for the link previously mentioned).

    Another thread at another forum says it's made by Vision Grills ( though I can't find any way to confirm that.  This link looks exactly like the one at Costco.

    Ceramic, two tier rack, full stand with locking casters, and I think a cover included as well.  Retailing for $549 at the local Costco.
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  5. I looked at that route a few years ago and decided to pass because of cost to size ration.  You pay a lot and get a little.  Yeah they look cool and work, but I decided to go with a Weber grill for grilling and a WSM for smoking.  The larger kettle grills come with a nice stand with wheels if you need to "roll".  The key for me is I wanted a serious smoker and not just something that "can" smoke if you know what I mean.  Plus being able to put either one in the truck and hit the beach / park because they don't weigh 2000 lbs is a big plus.  I fish a lot and being able to pack the wsm in the back next to my float tube and head up to sierra's is great.  Just load up the smoker with fresh trout and enjoy.

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