Need some suggestions on what to smoke!

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to do a smoke next weekend but will need to leave the smoker unattended for about 6 hours from 9 until 3PM.  I was wondering if there was a meat that I could toss on there with an Amazing Tube that would be able to sit and just smoke.  I would like to serve at about 6 PM so a 3 hour smoke would also be possible.

    I have an Masterbuilt electric smoker and an Amazing Tube smoker.

    Thanks, John
  2. vartz04

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    What temp will your smoker get up to? You could do a butt in that time (8-9 hours) or if you can get it into the 300s you could do a beer can chicken in the 3 hours.

    You could also do ribs without the foil but I probably wouldn't.

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  3. The smoker can get into the 300's.  A butt requires a lot of maintenance given that you spray it every hour.

    Beer can chicken is an idea.


    Note: My son will be home but the most I can count on is temp monitoring.
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  4. vartz04

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    You don't have to spray a butt every hour. Some people do some people don't. When I do them in my mini wsm I set it in there and don't lift the lid until about the 5-6 hour mark and that's usually just cause I need to stir up the coals. Just don't trim the fat and do it fat cap up and you have a automated baster
  5. How about a pork loin?
  6. charcoal junkie

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    I suggest a chuch roast. Use your favorite rub or do a spanish twist and do tacos with it.
  7. millerbuilds

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    I agree with the Pork Butt and chicken.  They both do not require attention, the butt will be the most forgiving if the temp wiggles around while you are gone.

    Good Luck & Smoke ON!

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