Need some quick advice on pork shoulders please

Discussion in 'Pork' started by sevenseven, Feb 17, 2012.

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    This is my plan folks, please correct me if I am wrong.

      Smoke two 6 lb shoulders (10 hour brine) on my electric smoker for 12 hours starting at midnight tonight at 210 degrees. Around noon tomorrow I plan to pull them off and keep them going on low in a slow cooker until about 6pm. Due to time constraints and other stuff I got going on this is the plan I got. I'm worried it may be too dry by then.  Anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks!
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    OK... for pork butt you don't need to brine (unless you really want to). The pork butts are very forgiving in that they have lots of fatty conective tissue running through them that keep them nice and moist - very hard to over cook.

    I would just put a rub on the pork butt the day before, get your smoker running at 210° (verify that it is running at 210°  - the factory stock therms can be off by over 50°). Toss your pork butts on and let them run untill the internal temps get to 190°, then pull them off and double wrap them in heavy foil. Line a dry cooler with towels, place the foiled butts in the cooler and then fill the rest of the space with more towels.

    The butts will hold and stay nice and hot for 6 hours easy.
  3. Hey Seven, just a thought, when you pull those shoulders, instead of putting them in a slow cooker, you could double wrap each of them in hd aluminum foil, then wrap each of them in 2 or 3 beach towels and then throw them in a cooler....I think holding them like that shouldn't be much of a problem and the chance of them drying out is nil....

  4. I think JRodriguez and I were typing at the same time!  LOL  Well, nothing like concurrence to a plan....
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    Yep..What them Guys Said!!!...X2...JJ
  6. Seven,

    I think these two hit it right on, I've held butts in a cooler for half a day using this method and they were still over 170 degrees when I pulled them and still extremely moist.  I would agree with Johnny that you don't really need to brine them unless that is your personal preference, we just rub em up and sometimes inject and then throw em on the smoke.  Now, I've never smoked butts that were quite that small but I'm not sure how long it'll take you to get them up to temp when you're cooking at 210 degrees?  Maybe someone else can comment on that but sometimes it'll take me at least 12 hours to get an 8 or 9 pounder up to temp cooking at 225-250.  I like to take mine up to about 197 before I pull them off though too.  Either way make sure you cook to temp and not just by time.  Good luck, I'm sure they'll be great!
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