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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ribwizzard, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Thinking about doing another small batch of patio sized smokers this year.

    Last year I did four 16" dia, 32" cc and 16" firebox cookers. Even with the problems I had with my guy that rolled the steel, I still had fun, sold three and kept one for myself and made a little money to buy a couple new tools off the deal.

    So I'm thinking of doing another batch, and even though this is just a hobby for me, I don't want to give away my time for free, and one problem I had with the 16" is that most people felt it was kind of small for a smoker and I kind of felt guilty charging what I needed to to get what I felt my time was worth.

    There is good money in the large trailer pits, but it's more work than I have the time or space or interest to do very much of. I'd like to do a patio sized cooker , and get a design down to one size, get the design to where it cooks perfect, and build jigs and buy my materials in bulk so I can pump them out a little quicker with less man hours and keep it a profitable hobby.

    So I'm thinking I need to just break down and order 1/4" wall pipe, and the size I'm thinking about is 20" dia, 40 " long Cc. With a square firebox that would keep the cooker less than five ft long. With this size, I can order one length of pipe at a time and have enough for six cookers, and six 2" slices to make 20" wagon style wheels. With the price of the pipe, the 1/4" plate, and trim hardware, I'm thinking it would put me wanting to get about $1000.00 bucks a pop. Still well under a comparable horizon or lang, but better!

    I'd model it somewhat similar as far as the wheels and cart as this 20" dia horizon, but of coarse it would be RW reverse flow with all my normal improvements,

    So what do you think about this size?

  2. dockman

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    I think it sounds like a great size and a fair price!
  3. lendecatural

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    Yeah, what he said....   Did you look at the cost/area trade to go with 24" pipe, and how much you would have to raise the price? Were you going to put an upper rack in the 20"? I was just thinking of the number of slabs of ribs that seem to vaporize at a family gathering. I guess they could always use rib racks instead of laying everything out flat. It should roll great with those wagon wheels, love them!
  4. Ribwizzard,   I think that 20" X 40" is a great size  for a patio smoker.  Have you looked at using 3/16" for the cook chamber.  I have seen some units made out of 3/16" for the cook chamber that appear to hold up well and perform pretty well as long as you are not in a really cold climate.  If memory serves me right you are in south Florida so that would not be an issue if you are selling locally.  I would agree that the fire box needs to be 1/4" and I would prefer 1/4" all around but would the difference in cost of materials be significant enough to change the price point on the finished product appreciably?  $895.00 is a lot easier a sell than $1,000.00!
  5. I did the 16" smokers in 3/16", and believe it or not, the price of the 20" pipe vs having the 3/16" rolled is less per unit. ( for just the CC )

    The 24" pipe is only a few dollars more per foot, but then it would be better to go with a 48" Cc, and firebox would have to be that much bigger. Now your talking a $1500.00 smoker. Maybe more, the basic lang 48 is $1895.00 and weights in at 795 lbs with the small firebox they use, style would be more like 850 lbs.... I think the 24" would push it into what really should be mounted on a trailer.

    What do you think?
  6. dockman

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    I agree with that RW!
  7. lendecatural

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    Ditto, that is starting to get a bit heavy to roll around the patio and getting to a price point that might not sell as well even if it would out cook anything on the market.
  8. txsean

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    20x40 is a good size I think. My last cooker was 20x30. It got a little snug sometimes but really for just my small family, it was a great size. Held a turkey, ham and a few turkey breasts for thanksgiving. Great for a packer or a few racks of ribs. I think that price is very reasonable as well.
  9. Sounds like 20" x 40" it is then.

    Now I just need a new model number, I'm at #29, and I can't call a 20" smoker model #30,
  10. Oh yeah, wait until you see the chrome emblems I got for model#29, talking about bling!
  11. Like the Idea, size sounds right, hard to decide I know. But for the average Back yard or weekend smoker I think it's perfect. I like the chrome Idea, We were actually going to do some Chrome emblems, But never got around to it and the only place that does Chroming is about an hour away. I think you have a good idea with the smokers, A fun thing to see people enjoying something you built.  Can't wait to see what your going to build, as always fun to watch your builds, Hopefully before long we can get our underway.

  12. Well , may delay this project for a little bit, I grabbed some "finds" today that will build three cookers, so....?
  13. Understand completely 
  14. smokejumper

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    Sounds great even if you don't get around to it right away.

    I like the idea of making patio sized RF offsets that you can sell.

    The more people you can help discover great Q, the better off we all are.

    Good on ya'!
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  16. smokejumper

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    This is the RF smoker build forum, not the build pic forum.

    There are plenty of legitimate threads here that have no pics.

    I wouldn't have it any other way.
  17. txsean

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    This seems like a fitting place to me. Talking about building a reverse flow so what better place than the 'reverse flow' sub-section of the 'smoker build' section.
  18. First of all, Welcome to forum guys!

    As far as the pics, I know it can be frustrating scrolling through all these threads when your looking for ideals on design and lay out...we started a thread " Post pic of pit" that a mainly just pics of everyone's pits with out all the chatter,...check it out. Then any questions about a particular build can be directed to the link of the builder. I'm sure you will find everyone here ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

    And Bigwheel, I know it can be frustrating trying to understand everything all at once, but guess what...your here! And that's the first step! I'm sure in no time you'll be up to speed and able to understand there really isn't anything fancy or technical about these smokers, all we are really doing is taking all the techniques that are used to control the heat on the other style cookers and designing it into the cooker itself. For example; why place the pork but in a foil pan when you can have a reverse flow plate?

    Any way, check out all the other threads, ask questions, and enjoy the fellowship of the great people you will find here.

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