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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by thebigbutch, Apr 22, 2014.

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    Going to be smoking some snausages this weekend that I am picking up from the Philadelphia Italian Market.....I see a lot of posts with people making there own snausages at home with different recipes and smoking it.  Unfortunately I do not have the time or equipment (......yet) to do it myself.  I'm still new to the game, so need to prove to my wife I'm good at smoking before I make a ton of investment in it.....i'll tell you this though....what I have done so far is a lot of fun


    My question is ........ If I pick up some snausages how long should they smoke for and at what temp and what IT should I stop at.....

    I see some stuff about gradually increasing smoker temp but not sure if I should be doing that or if that is just for people making it at home and has to do with the casings.

    I am also going to make some of Dutchs "wicked baked beans" that I have been salivating all over today....

    Also my wife isn't a huge meat eater so does anyone have anything else besides chicken that I could impress her with

    Thanks in advance and I will post some photos of this weekend smoke

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    If I wanted to impress my wife with some thing other then meat ? I would go up to the search bar and check out some of Leahs recipes.With you living around Philly it should not be a problem finding the things she cooks with other then meat.

  3. I'm guessing that the sausages aren't cured so you will want to get them up to temp quick enough. If they were mine I would smoke them the whole time but it's up to you how much smoke you want them to have. They should be taken to an internal temp of 165*
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    Mmmmmm....... I smell sausage smoking!!!!!!!
  5. foamheart

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    Its the most legal fun that I have had in awhile with my pants on........
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    ^^^Yup---What he said!!! ^^^

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    I couldn't agree more.
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    What do you mean by are not cured?   And if that is the case why would you want to get the temp quicker than slower?
  9. Not cured- no sodium nitrite, cure #1- it is what gives bacon and ham their pink color and distinct flavor. It is also added to smoked sausages to prevent the growth of things like botulism while they are in the "danger zone". The general rule of thumb on the forum is no more the 4 hours to get from 40F to 140F internal temp for uncured meats. This ensures the meat is cooked to a high enough temp fast enough to limit the amount of bacterial growth that can occur.

    EDIT- fixed sodium NITRITE
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  10. What he said with the exception that cure #1 contains sodium nitrite - not sodium nitrate  [​IMG]   Just ask where you buy them if the sausages have been cured - I bet they aren't...
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    AND the low oxygen environment of a smoker contributes to the formation of botulism..... Cure #1 helps eliminate that "deadly" pathogen....
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    Ok....So I picked up my snausages today....they are not cured....

    So just for timing purposes at what temp should I prob cook them to get them to the right IT..... and how long will it take....I don't want to put something on at 12 and have them down in an hour when I want to eat at 5

    Thanks for all the info
  13. It depends how much smoke you want them to have. If you smoke them at 225* they should be up to temp within 2 hours - if you go as low as 180* you won't have to worry very much about rendering fat but it will be closer to 4 hours till they come to temp.

    Since this is your first time doing it & you didn't make them yourself (meaning you don't know 100% for sure how they were handled) I would smoke them at 225* just so that you can be sure you don't spend any excess time in the 40 - 140* danger zone...

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