Need some help. I have an ECB charcoal, but want

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by chorizodahitman, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. to get the electric attachment for it. My ECB is at my now ex-g/f's, who had a big back yard to smoke in, and I live in a condo. I do not feel safe using charcoal on my balcony, so need the electric attachment. Looking for some help finding it. Tried to google it and couldn't find anything. Help please. I was just getting into smoking and love it, and don't want to stop.
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  3. I appreciate it
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    Welcome to the forums chorizodahitman! I have a ecb and If I had to cook on a wood deck I'd feel safe with a half sheet of cement board under it. They are basically self contained and tipping it over would be my only fear. get some cement board and a big bucket of water or fire extinguisher and have fun..just my opinion.
  5. Two years after the fact and I finally have my attachment. I am trying it out tonight with a 2.5 pound brisket. Hope it works.
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    Can you include details like temps etc.. when done? Im looking for a charcoal smoker that can easily be converted to electric to give my father in law as a gift. I want it to be able to be used as electric and charcoal depending on weather, mood etc. This way I have easy smokin when i go to visit.

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