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Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by golfpro2301, Apr 20, 2014.

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    So I just got back from my third comp with another award. That's 4 awards in 3 comps. I need help designing an auto fill water pan for the fridge as well as figuring out a way to redirect the heat. Sorry I don't have pics for you, I will try and get them soon. I will explain everything the best I can below

    My firebox gets inserted about 2 inches into the back of the fridge about 2 ft up from the bottom. When I was doing a practice rub there was a big temp difference between bottom rack and top. For the comp I put a small piece of sheet metal directly above the inlet where the firebox enters and attached it to some angle iron to the sides. This metal shelf is about 3" below my bottom rack so the firebox inlet is about 3 1/2" below first rack. I jammed 3 large foil pans between this shelf and the bottom rack. I set temp on the Guru to 238* which was the top rack and the bottom read 230* so I know this worked. 

    I was thinking of welding in a water pan that somehow directs the heat and smoke down towards the bottom then up. I am going to use a similar design auto fill system like Myron's H2O smokers but need help with the water pan design. Also, I need help with proper spacing for heat and smoke to move around the pan.
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    I can't help with the water pan, but just wanted to congratulate you on your awards. You are off to a great start !
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    I have been wondering this also and wanting to do it to my fridge. Along with a rotisserie :)

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