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Discussion in 'Other' started by big tater, May 29, 2015.

  1. big tater

    big tater Newbie

    I have a LOT of deer meet that im going to make into sausage of various kinds, (summer sausage, and hot sticks)

    I just did my first small batch to check out my smoker. 

    Went pretty good, but i would like to take same recipe and try cold smoking. and this is what i understand so far.

    10 pounds worth, Prep t he meat same way as before:

    1) course ground meat, mix spices in 1 cup water (water was a rough guess) mix in really good.

    2) run through grinder twice with the fine plate.

    3) mix in 1.5 cups high temp cheese, 1 cup chopped jalapenos, mix real good

    4) stuff in fibrous casings, put in fridge over night.

     cold smoking:

    get a good fire going in hot box, open my dampeners to where its 130 in the smoker (NO SMOKE)

    until the internal temp gets to 80-90 degrees to dry out the casings and draw out the moisture.

    Then put my wood in to get smoke going, keep temp under 150 (just guessing)

    let smoke for 12 hours.

    after 12 hours take sausage in my well vented basement, hang and let cure for roughly 1 to 1.5 months to cure / bloom. (letting the cure do all the work for me)

    ok is this correct and / or am i missing something.

    PLEASE let me know.

    my first (TEST batch) i did the same set up , BUT after i got the internal temp to 80-90 degrees i cranked the temp to the 190 degree range until my internal temp got to 160, pulled them off let set in ice bath for 15 min. then hung in the basement for 10 days.

    Turned out good but i would like a little more smokey, i think the processor i used to go to does cold smoking from what i have been told.
  2. dave17a

    dave17a Smoking Fanatic

    Best do alot of reading. Cold smoke needs cure #1. At 140 degrees[​IMG]. for more than 4 hrs. Bouthulism. Archive This site. Many people smarter than me.
  3. big tater

    big tater Newbie

    "Cold smoke needs cure #1.  At 140 degrees" is that internal temp, or that's what i need to have the temp of my box at??
  4. dave17a

    dave17a Smoking Fanatic

    Should have gone further. Sorry. Smoker temp does not matter as long as you have cure #1. If no cure, internal temp should not stay below 140 for more than 4 hrs. Cure #2 is different story, dry curing and all. Smoke bacon for 12 hrs. at a time. Rest in fridge overnight, smoke again for as long as you want. You get the message. Learned alot on here. Wish I could meet them all. There is a thought for one big party. Yea! Good luck. Never done the venison yet.[​IMG]
  5. big tater

    big tater Newbie

    ok i usually get my spice for what ever im going to smoke from a butcher,,, ill ask him if he uses cure #1 or #2
  6. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Cure #1 is used for all fast curing... less than 2 weeks.... and in food that will be cooked..... multiple additions of cure #1 are used in some recipes where curing takes longer... and the meat is still cooked....

    Cure #2 is used when long term dry curing is used..... curing can last 9-12 months and the meats are not cooked.....
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  7. robenoir

    robenoir Newbie

    for cold smoking in little chief can it be possible to start burning wood in pan without using  electric element and a lower temperature andsmoke for 2 days or more by hading regulary wood chips

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