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  1. Good evening everyone,

    I am smoking a 8lb (14"long) Pork Loin Roast tomorrow.  Might need a little help from my "smoking friends".....  How long should I smoke this pork loin roast?  what temp should I run my smoker??  Should I be juicing and foiling at some point during the cooking process??  [​IMG]

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    I would plan on 4 -5 hours. Smoker at about 240. Go to IT of about 150.

  3. thanks Mike,

    what about juicing and foiling??
  4.  For sure don't cook it past 150. Loin is very lean and will dry out easily. I usually smoke about 225 or so and it seems ( I should keep records) loins take around 3 hours at that temp. No foiling, they don't need to braise. They are tender enough.

  5. I do a lot of loins since they are quick & easy. I run my smoker at 225* & always take them out when they hit 143 - 145 IT & then wrap in foil for a 45 minute to an hour rest. I don't juice or foil during the smoke with mine.  [​IMG]

    Here are a few I did...

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    Man they look good
  7. Mike,

    my pork loin turned out fantastic!  I smoked it for 4 hours (I timed it) at a constant temp of 225-230. After it reach the IT temp of 145, I took it out of the smoker, sprayed it with apple juice/apple cider mist and foiled it.  I let in rest for 30 minutes because my grandbabies said they didn't want to wait for an hour lol.  So my pork loin rested for 30 minutes only.  I sliced some of it and made Cuban Sandwiches served with a savory Mojo sauce (pronounced MoHo) and it was enjoyed by all - especially my grandbabies[​IMG]   here's my Q-view.  Thanks for your help - Josie

    P.S. have a lot of pork loin leftover - will make something tasty for lunch and dinner tonight :)

    Cuban Sandwiches made with my homemade Cuban bread served with a savory Mojo dipping sauce.............

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    Josie, that looks great. Send or post the Recipe for the Cuban Bread. I like to keep things authentic but there are very few Cubans in central PA so the bread is not available...JJ
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  9. Josie that looks fantastic and I really like the sound of those Cuban sandwiches.

    Would you mind sending or posting the Cuban bread recipe [​IMG]
  10. will post recipe and pics shortly.

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    That pork looks fantastic , and I love a Cuban sandwich! What a great lunch! Is the Mojo sauce secret , or can you share that recipe too? Gracias!:grilling_smilie:
  12. will be posting the Mojo sauce recipe and my Cuban bread recipe shortly Hambone1950.  Need to make my hungry man some lunch - made with leftover pork loin :eek:)

  13. will be posting shortly SH


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