Need some advice on sausage...

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bluto, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I haven't gotten into making my own sausage (yet), and there are several store boughts that I really enjoy, and some that I love cooking in the smoker for the added flavor profile that smoking brings.

    I have been hot smoking them, almost cooking them through, and then I refreeze them.  The problem is they get kinda wrinkly, although the flavor is still great, sometimes they do get a little dry.  So, my question is this, what is the best way to add smoke to the sausage without fully cooking them?  Would it be cold smoking?  If so, is there a temp I should maintain for any given time, etc...?
  2. When you hot smoke them, the temps are high enough that the fat in the sausage renders and drips out. I assume that's why they taste a little dry. I would not cold smoke the sausage unless you can confirm with the maker that there was a cure used. cold smoking would leave the raw meat in the danger zone for too long.

    As a side note, don't be afraid to try making sausage yourself. It is surprisingly easy. you don't even need a grinder to start with. Any butcher would be able to grind what ever you need. Just get yourself a stuffer and some casings and have at it

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