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  1.   Hello all.  this is my first post as I have been jealously "lurking" for a while now.  I finally got my home built unit, home (see pics in album), no I didn't build it, found a guy on craigslist to build it for me.

     My question is this,  Does anybody know where to find a good sauce "mop".

      4th of July I did 18 racks and that is allot of sauce in the last few hours.  I did sweet smoke (pecan) with a brown sugar BBQ sauce at finishing.  I had purchased a cotton mop at the big box home store, but 1st it shed like crazy after cutting the strands down and second I'm not happy with the cleanliness now that its been washed.  Looking for something that is easier to use and keep clean and sterile, yet will allow me to spread larges quantities of sauce fast, with a long handle, so I don't lose much heat from door being open.  Yes I can fit 10 racks at once and still have 1/4 hotel pans with apple-juice for moisture.  Any advice from you guys will be greatly appreciated!
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  3. Thanks, checking link now.
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    I added a link to my original post on how to make your own. 
  5. Like the idea of stainless steel handle but I am wondering if anyone here has used silicone mop head?  does it hold a good amount of sauce and does it drip allot?  Like the idea of silicone for sterilization.  Anyone else have idea;s or advice?
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    I have 2 silicone brushes, not mops.  I like my bigger one but I don't shell out 10 racks of ribs at a time either.  My bigger one does hold a fair amount of whatever I choose to use as a baste and it spreads pretty decent too.  I'd say try one if you can find it with a long handle like you want.
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    Yes, Family Dollar(or stores of that kind)sells them;if you cannot find one at a Sport Store-try a toy store(littleGirl play mops are ideal[​IMG]

    Hope this helps and,

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