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Discussion in 'Beef' started by chubbs, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. chubbs

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    I bought a 11# 4 bone Rib Roast to do for Xmas Day and it is my first one ever.

    Gonna smoke at 225f and was planning about 45mins. per pound. Shooting for the 130-135 internal.

    Timing is the question???????
    I have heard:
    30-45 mins. per pound to 1 hr. per pound. That would be like 8-11 hrs. maybe. Then some say they smoke them in like 3hrs.

    What time frame should I shoot for with 11 pounds smoked to 130f??????
  2. im also interested in this... doin 12lb roast
  3. I think it may cook faster than that. I cook them at 250 degrees and cook 20 minutes per pound. I am usually cooking several roasts at once.
  4. placebo

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    The rule of thumb is 1.5 hours per pound of meat @ 225ish degrees. That being said, not all meat will cook the same so it is at best just that, a rule of thumb. Crank her up to 250 and that ratio changes. So if your looking to time everything just right and cooking at 225 then calculate the rule of thumb to the amount of meat you are cooking and you should be relatively close. Don't forget to account for the rest time also.
  5. crockadale

    crockadale Smoking Fanatic

    Use a temp probe and cook to temp, not by time.
  6. chubbs

    chubbs Fire Starter

    I am cooking to temp. but needed a time frame for the family to plan around.
  7. jsanders

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    What I usually do is plan on the longest time, then when I hit temp take it off and wrap in foil and put in cooler to rest. Plan on an hour or so for rest time. Gets those juices flowing.

    Now on the realistic side, we've all had the fam hanging around for an hour or so giving the cook a hard time cause the meat isn't done. Don't forget the ambient temp and the smoker warmup.

    It is a big jump from 30 - 45 min per # to 1.5 hr per hr. The temp is the key here, 225 = 1.5hr/#. I'm doing a ham right now at 240ish and its coming along a good bit faster than I expected. Last night I did a butt planning on 1.5hr/#, about 4.5 to 5 hrs total. It took 6+ hrs but I had issues and it got cold last night.

    Plan your cook and cook your plan.[​IMG]
  8. Remember - If your target temp is 135 (medium rare) pull the roast at 125 and wrap in foil - it will continue to cook another 10 degrees and the rest will allow all the lovely juices to redistribute.

    I'm doing one for New Years day.

    Good Luck!
  9. morkdach

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    i always cook by temp & hope its done on time[​IMG].
    i go 1 hr per # but on a cold windy day 1.5 works.
    humidity plays a large roll in it too!!
  10. chubbs

    chubbs Fire Starter

    Well the good thing is that i am smoking in the garage and i am going to heat that up to(garage).

    Wifey and her mother wanted to eat at 1pm. Whoa! I finally said fine with me, but what they don't know is that we do not eat till 30 mins. After 130•
  11. mballi3011

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    See the differance between times cause there are so many variebles that can change your smoking times. Outside temp, wind if any or how much, and some as minor as how much gas you have in your tank. So the best laid plan "for me" is to smoke it alowing about 1.5 per pound and then you will be done either on time or alitle before because remember you have to let it rest and you can always put more towels in the cooler and keep it hot for hours too.
  12. azkitch

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    The wide range of answers on this thread confuses me...If cooking brisket at 225-240, 1,5 hrs/lb will get you to 195 ish. Cooking a rib roast, won't it get you to the same approximate temperature? Shouldn't then the time per hour be less, since the finished temp is considerably less? We aren't breaking down collagen in a rib roast, after all. No need to wait thru the 140* plateau, and all...That, in turn would lead me to think 30-40 min./lb would be mo' betta...
    Least that's what my Vulcan side says.
  13. chubbs

    chubbs Fire Starter

    I definitely like the sounds of that thinking.

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