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  1. Hey Folks,

       I am going to build my first fridge smoker and I found this fridge. Is this a good fridge to build? Do I need one with a lower compartment? Here are some pics of the fridge. Thanks for any help...greg

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  2. That would work fine!
  3. mneeley490

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    Yeah, looks good. What kind of heat source are you thinking about?
  4. Looks good. remove.

    recommend electric with auberins dual control pnp. building my second one with that set up and works really, really well.
  5. It will work fine.. just have to start stripping it and getting rid of all the plastic.. some people say not to worry about it.. but with mine i replaced all the insulation with new stuff.. and there was black old silicone that i removed... is it food safe? nobody really knows so why risk it.. i was able to find some contractor solvent that did help break down the silicone and make it a little easier to remove.. but its a job! the fridges are a big job if you want to do them right, but very rewarding when they are done and damn good smokers as well! 
  6. i wnt to a local metal shop and for $200 they will cut and bend all the metal I need to replace the plastic in my fridge conversions and make 5 expanded metal shelves. Took in a strip of the plastic trim from inside the door so they could match the shape as close as possible. Helps with the door latch if its close to the same curve or angle.

    I removed all my old insulation as well, had it apart anyways. Didn't bother removing the goop inside the fridge except anything on the porcelain coated insert itself, inside or out.

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