Need quick help: power off GMG DB WiFi mid-smoke?

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by ostrichsak, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. ostrichsak

    ostrichsak Meat Mopper

    It's my first smoke & I'm having WiFi issues. I think I've tracked it down to a loose antenna connector on the outside cover to the controller. I want to remove the cover to have a look but the high volrage warnings have done their job.

    Do i need to go through the 15min 'cool down' fan procedure or can i simply flip the toggle to 'off' unplug it, check & then go through the stabdard startup again? I saw where someone had an overcharged pellet situation & wish to avoid that.

    Thanks for the timely assistance.
  2. waterinholebrew

    waterinholebrew Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I've turned mine off before without the cool down period & restarted with no problems. IMO, I think you'd have to restart it a couple times before overcharging the pot !
  3. ostrichsak

    ostrichsak Meat Mopper

    That's what i was looking for. It's not that i don't have the time to 'properly' shut ut down it's just that I'm not sure if that's actually the proper approach mid-smoke.

    In fact, it's @ 165deg now & needs to be foiled so rihht niw would probably be the right time to go for it.
  4. tropics

    tropics Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    At That temp why not bring it in and finish in the oven? 

  5. ostrichsak

    ostrichsak Meat Mopper

    Normally I'd agree with this idea but I've got a new smoker I'm wanting to test. I'd like to get it functioning 100% as advertised. I also need to learn how the thing works & what to do or what my options are when things don't go exactly as planned. So while it's a good idea & certainly would have made it easier I just made it work manually using the control panel & my Maverick 732. I took the panel off real quick while foiling & the antenna connection is seated fine behind the panel. Tightened up the little retaining nut & still no fix. I'm afraid something is kaput w/the control panel's WiFi piece but a call to GMG customer care tomorrow will probably figure things out. Just not how I wanted to start my ownership.
  6. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Have you checked to see what firmware you are running? Forgot how to check, but theres a video on GMG website.
    Think the current is 5.9. I know there's a DB 5.9 and a JB 5.9, so if you upgrade make sure you pick the correct one.

    That said, no clue if running a older firmware would cause your issues.
  7. ostrichsak

    ostrichsak Meat Mopper

    Interesting.  Mine is v5.8 which I thought was the newest.

    To check, you flip the rocker switch to off.  Then, while pressing the up arrow button you flip the rocker switch to on and keep holding until it displays the version.  

    I didn't upgrade because mine said v5.8 which the reading I did made it sound like it was the newest so maybe I'll try a firmware update to see if that corrects my issue.
  8. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    If your running 5.8 now, id hold off. Just wanted to make sure you weren't running a really old one.

    According to CS 5.9 is more for those that are having a soot issue. Most guys on pelletheads dont like 5.9. Some do.

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