Need processing advice for 260 lb Hog for Bacon Sausages

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by welderdan, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. I am an weekend smoker and am looking to get more involved in making smoked products summer sausages, brined hams, and bacon, etc.... I am sending a 260 lb hog to the butcher as I have in the past, however I have always ordered traditional cuts of meat to stock the freezer for family food use. I have done a little research on these products but would like some advice on what cuts to order to make bacon. Grind topics such as coarse/fine, straight pork or should fat trimmings be added, best cuts to have ground, I plan to cure the hams how should they be cut and any other advice you all can send my way. Thanks.  
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    Welderdan Welcome to SMF You may be better posting your questions in the Pork Forum. I just ground some coarse pork for fresh Kielbasa, and fine for some smoked ( this will be my first time smoked) I will be making some Canadian Bacon also out of the meat I picked up. I bought 2 pork loins at $1.29 a lb. so that is why I am using the lean meat.

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